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Call History

How to review your call history and review call recordings

This tutorial goes over how to review your call history, check recordings, and get your disposition breakdown.


To review your call history on Puretalk Dashboard simply navigate to "Lead Management > Call History".

  1. Campaign Selection
    • You can filter down the call history to a specific campaign
  2. Summary Tiles (Tiles in order display)
    • Total leads for this campaign
    • The remaining leads
    • the number of calls made
    • the total duration of calls
  3. Disposition Breakdown which shows that stats of calls ended up or are currently on
  4. Call History report
    • This report can be filtered down by date ranges, call status, and interest
    • The report displays a the calls that have been made, the last disposition, and time taken
    • "Action/Recordings" gives you the option to call the customer back, view more lead information, or delete
    • Under "view lead info" this will display all the information for the customer, you can listen/download call recording, and view call transcripts
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