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Campaign Creation

Quickstart on how to create and manage campaigns

This tutorial goes over how to setup forms, acquiring phone numbers, and creating campaigns

Form Creation

  1. We start by navigating to "Settings > Form Builder"
  2. To create the form we simply click on "Add Form"
    • Give that form a name
    • Click "Save Form"
  3. Now that the form is created we will need to assign some fields to it.
    • Click on to edit the form to add fields
    • In the edit window you assign fields to the form which you will use to store customer data
    • Once finished click save

Phone Numbers

  1. We need to acquire a phone number for the campaign to use for its caller id
  2. To acquire a phone number navigate to "Settings > Phone Numbers"
  3. Clicking "Add Phone Number" will bring up a window
    • This window will give you a list phone numbers to purchase
    • You can also filter these numbers by area code using the search bar
  4. Once a phone number is purchased you can edit it by clicking
    • This will allow you to set a friendly name to it
    • Importantly you need to set an AI to accept inbound phone calls


  1. Now we can start creating the campaign itself by going to "Campaign Management > Campaigns"
  2. Clicking "Add Campaign" will bring up a window to create a campaign
    • Give the campaign a name and assign a form to it
    • Click "Save Campaign"
  3. Once the campaign is created you can edit it by clicking this will give a lot more details to add to the campaign
    • First we can assign transfer numbers to the campaign which is the number the AI transfers the customer to upon finishing the call
    • Assign caller ids
    • Assign an AI for your outbound calls
    • Set a call volume which is the number of calls that can go out per minute
    • Lastly set a schedule for the campaign to follow. This will dictate when the campaign automatically turns off and on
    • Click "Save Campaign"

Importing Leads

  1. We will now need to load leads for the campaign to call
  2. To import leads navigate to "Lead Management > Import Leads"
  3. An agreement disclaimer will pop up which will require you to agree in under to import leads
    • Upon signing you will be given the option to select a campaign
    • Next you can select file to import which will need to be in a .csv format
    • Once a file has been uploaded you will be prompted to define the columns of the file
    • Click process to start the import process

Call Manager

  1. We are now ready to start running the campaign
  2. To control the campaign navigate to "Campaign Management > Call Manager"
    • Any available campaigns will be listed here in cards
    • Campaign statuses will also be stated on the card as well
      • Stopped means that the campaign is outside the scheduled time to run
      • Running is when the campaign is turned on and is making calls
      • Paused means that the campaign is on hold indefinitely until you either put it on running or stopped. Schedule has no effect on a campaign that is paused
      • Completed means that campaign has gone through all the leads given to it
      • And finally inactive is when you want to retire a campaign
    • Controls for the campaign are at the bottom of the card
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