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We Are The "Voice Of AI"®

Puretalk is a contextually aware set of speech synthesis, voice cloning, and natural language understanding tools available to developers, enterprises, and integrators. Whether it be humanizing an audio book, enhancing an AI conversation, or creating an end to end conversational-AI application, the Puretalk platform brings a new level of humanizing computer:human communications.


Your Customer's Experience

Gone are the days of the one-size fits all. Customers are more engaged today than ever before, so it’s important to have systems in place that can listen, process understanding, and come up with desirable responses leading to complete satisfaction. Our artificial intelligence-enabled platform provides the infrastructure necessary to tailor branded voices that suit your needs.

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Best-in class

Autonomous Voice Solution

Your company's best interest is to provide self-service options and on-demand support that facilitate autonomous service. Companies are better off by allowing customers to get their help whenever and wherever. The new era of customer experience is defined by conversational voice assistants enabled by Puretalk's cutting-edge technology.

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Your Team's Performance

Across industries, companies are trying to prevent their staff from performing mundane tasks leading to long wait times, frustrated customers, and overwhelmed employees. We provide voice AI solutions to help companies maximize operations while minimizing costs and accelerating growth.

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import requests
url ="http://localhost:8000"
body = {
"text": 'Hello, welcome to puretalk', "voice": 'Gabby™',
"seed": 3
x =, json = body) print(x.text)
with open("response.wav","wb") as f:

Why You Should Choose Puretalk.Ai

The benefits of Puretalk’s custom voice solutions will not only save your company money but contribute to its efficiency.

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End-to-end management of customers' request


Customizable solutions tailored to your systems


Omni-channel and multi-lingual integrations for ease of use and convenience


Intuitive knowledge bases for employee support backed by artificial intelligence

Time Management

Our artificial intelligent speech can assist with complex issues saving your team time and money


State-of-the-art intelligent solution aimed at receiving and performing repetitive tasks allowing your team to focus on innovation process

Here To Empower Developers!

We want to equip developers with an API reference, SDKs, and tools to launch revolutionary conversational apps for web, desktop, mobile, IoT and call centers.

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